What is Atlas Orthogonal?

AO or Atlas Orthogonal is a system and technique used by specialized chiropractors.  Balance can be restored to the body to promote and allow healing. The philosophy stresses that incorrect alignment of the spine might be the cause of all disease.  Dr. Roy Sweat, founder of the Atlas Method, created percussion wave vibration to reposition the vertebrae without the popping/cracking associated with typical chiropractic treatment.  Learn more by visiting our website or stop by the office.  http://atlasorthogonality.com/.  


Atlas Imbalance

Credit – https://www.echiropractor.org/atlas-orthogonal/


Drs. Ron and Christa D’Amato are both board certified Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractors through the Sweat Institute, http://www.atlasorthogonality.com, and trained with Founder of the Atlas Orthogonal Method, Dr. Roy Sweat. Both Drs. are ANJC Members. Dr. Christa has been a LeTip of Clifton board member for the past 10 years, and has volunteered her time with St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation. You can find Dr. Christa speaking publicly on health related topics at various businesses and organizations as well as providing Spinal Screenings to the community. Atlas Chiropractic & Rehabilitation has also been awarded with NJ Top Docs 2019 accolade and special recognition by Congressman Bill Pascrell during the Congressional Small Business Walk of 2019 for their outstanding and invaluable service to the community. *New Patients Only, No Medicare and not combinable with other offers.

Atlas Chiropractic & Rehabilitation
A state of the art facility offering health & rehabilitation services. Drs. Ronald and Christa D'Amato are board certified in the A.O. technique and are 2 of only 7 board certified doctors in the state of New Jersey.
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