About Atlas

Our goal is to free you of pain and allow your body to perform at its most optimal level.

The Atlas Chiropractic Team

Together with our Doctors of Chiropractic, our skilled professionals are compassionate, empathetic, and concerned about your overall health and well-being. Your health and life goals are a priority to us. If you are a chiropractic candidate, we can help; if you are not a candidate, we will let you know. Your overall experience at our office is integral to your therapeutic care.  WE CARE! Our therapists and staff are assessable, approachable, relatable, and skilled. Our therapeutic solutions are unique to the individual being treated.  Our Atlas family is your family. We will provide care that is appropriate for you. From rehabilitation to overall wellness, our expert team is here to assess, listen, treat and guide you to optimum health.

Our focus on chiropractic care begins with a specific adjustment to the atlas bone (when applicable), the figurative steering wheel of the spine, and creating pelvic stability (the pelvis is the foundation of the spine). However, we adjust the entire spine and extremities when necessary. We have found correcting these critical regions of the spine helps patients achieve their health goals in a shorter amount of time, no yearlong 70+ visit treatment plans here! This proper and specific correction also aids in long-term relief when accompanied by checkups and doctor-recommended spinal stabilization exercises.  We are here to enable you to protect the spinal and postural correction achieved.

Atlas Orthogonal

Atlas Orthogonal (A.O.) Chiropractic Care restores proper alignment to the top bone of the spine, the Atlas. Misalignment of the Atlas will cause nerve pressure and inflammation that may play a role in many symptoms anywhere throughout the body, especially migraine headaches and facial, neck, and arm pain. A.O. is a gentle and precise procedure performed without manual manipulation.

Drs. Ronald and Christa D’Amato are board certified in the A.O. technique and have studied directly under the founder of the Atlas Orthogonal program and are true pioneers in the chiropractic profession. Drs. D’Amato are 2 of only 7 board-certified doctors in the state of NJ. There are only 250 A.O. doctors worldwide.

Proper Chiropractic Adjustments & Treatments Can Address Many Different Types of Pain:

Our Services

We create customized treatment plans to correct the cause of your problem in the briefest period of time. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to determine the type of care best for you. Our non-surgical treatment alternatives help a wide range of conditions some of you may not ever associate with chiropractic care. Your body is your lifeline; keep it straight!

  • Onsite Digital Xray
  • Atlas Orthogonal Instrument Precision Adjusting
  • Physical Therapy
  • Medical Pain Management
  • Triton Spinal Decompression