Nutritional Counseling

Specialized programs to help achieve healthy lifestyles


We understand that there are many facets to health and healing which is why we provide options for patients that need assistance in getting the nutritional component back on track. We have found that the dietary modifications can dramatically increase the healing process. We are here to help you determine what you’re eating that may be slowing you down. Nutritional cleansing plays a critical role in this process. Nutritional cleansing promotes the decrease of body wide inflammation, decreases cravings, aids in weight loss and muscle growth, helps individuals find relief from mood imbalances, such as; depression and anxiety and in most cases, dramatically increases energy levels while decreasing the ever-plaguing fatigue. For further information regarding nutritional cleansing visit

Small dietary changes can significantly improve many areas of ones health. Poor nutritional intake and nutrition/lifestyle related health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and many cancers, top the leading cause of death charts nationwide. At Atlas, we provide nutritional services to all ages from teens to elders. To order your brown box of “health” click

Nutrition is a vital factor in ones’ journey to health and general wellness.

Our goal is to help our clients to feel strong, vibrant and full of energy to live healthy, happy and productive lives.  We teach our patients how to help themselves.  Empowering and guiding our patients to attain the practices one needs in order to live healthier.

A healthy life style starts with a personal commitment. Proper nutrition is so much more than just what you eat!  We want to be a part of helping you live longer healthier lives.

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