Becoming A New Patient

To start the process, please contact our office at (973) 894-3300. Our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you in finding the best time to schedule your first appointment.

Please complete your initial paperwork by clicking the link below and choosing the appropriate form based on your situation.

Day 1 – 60 Minutes

To save you time in our office, please complete your initial intake on our site before your scheduled 1st appointment. If you would like to complete the forms at our office, make sure you show up at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment, so you may be seen promptly at your appointment time. Your first visit will include a consultation regarding your health concern to determine if you are a chiropractic candidate. If the doctor accepts you as a patient, a chiropractic examination will be performed as well as digital x-rays (if needed). This concludes your first visit.

All fees will be discussed up front, prior to services being rendered. If you have insurance, our office will verify your benefits as a courtesy and review them with you.  

Day 2 – 30 Minutes

On your second visit, your doctor will review your examination and radiographic findings with you. We recommend you bring your significant other, spouse or close family member to this visit so they understand the importance of your care and act as a support through your healing process. We will review your spinal issues, explain how we will correct them, review your individualized treatment plan, and discuss how long it will take as well as the cost.   Before you’re adjusted, your doctor will explain how the adjustment works and what it will feel like. If you are an Atlas Orthogonal patient, we will take one or two post-adjustment films. These follow-up films will be analyzed and compared to your original, pre-adjustment films; they tell the doctor if the adjustment was right on target, or if the adjustment needs to be changed in any way.

Other Visits – 5 to 15 Minutes

On subsequent visits, if your individualized treatment plan involves modalities to assist in your correction, you will with that and the doctor will be in to assess your spinal needs.

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