Neck Pain


What is Neck Pain?

Neck Pain is usually caused by bony misalignment, decreased joint mobility, and irritated nerves, which can also result in strain or spasm of the muscles of the neck. However, these problems may be present without pain and would be left untreated if not properly detected through chiropractic examination and care. Irritated nerves in the neck can cause shoulder, arm and hand pain that can lead to numbness and even weakness. Incomplete rehabilitation of past injuries, trauma, poor posture, prolonged sitting, and lack of periodic spinal alignments are some of the more common factors in the development of neck problems. Arthritis and damaged or thinning discs can also contribute to neck pain.

How does one find Neck Pain Relief?

Some over-the-counter pain relievers might dull neck pains but, will not provide a substantial amount of neck pain relief and most certainly will not correct the cause of the problem. This is due to the fact that over-the-counter pain relievers simply mask the pain! Neck pain relief can be achieved naturally. The Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic technique has been changing the lives of thousands of neck pain sufferers for decades. The treatment is individualized, gentle and does not require twisting, turning or popping of the neck. When the atlas bone is aligned properly utilizing this technique, the integrity of the nerves, joints, arteries and muscles of the neck are restored, hence decreasing or eliminating the pain. The procedures at Atlas Chiropractic & Rehabilitation address the causes of neck problems, not simply the symptoms.


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