Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions come up about Chiropractic care.  We are here to educate, inform and answer all your questions.

Should chiropractors take x-rays?

Yes.  Chiropractors have extensive training in radiology and are licensed to take x-rays.

It is very important to have x-rays taken for the detection of abnormalities and to assess severity of degeneration that has occurred at the injured region.  It is essential for the Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor to analyze x-rays of the head and neck in order to determine the patient’s specific adjustment and confirm that there are no contraindications that would prevent the patient from this treatment. We use the most up to date digital x-ray system, reducing exposure and time. X-rays are performed on site.

What does a chiropractic adjustment do?

An adjustment realigns the bones in the spine through which the spinal nerves and arteries pass through.  These nerves send information to and from the brain dictating the function of your body. Blood vessels flow through to nourish different regions of the body.  Misalignment of the spine may cause interference in these pathways, thereby, causing dysfunction, malnourishment and poor communication between the body and the brain which all result in a state of dis-ease and pain. Opening these pathways with the chiropractic adjustment will allow the body to perform at its most optimal level, and in turn, be at its strongest to fight off disease.

Are all patients adjusted in the same way?

No.  Patients have their own distinct identity.  The body is very complex and not everyone has the same isses nor do they respond in the same way to treatment.  Therefore, we find it necessary to customize an individual’s treatment accordingly. Upon completing a comprehensive chiropractic examination that includes; historical gathering, postural, orthopedic, neurological testing and radio-graphic evaluation (if warranted) all of this information is meticulously reviewed, and necessary treatments are determined to best fit the patients’ health goals. We offer a range of specialties for our patients individual treatment plans.

If I had back surgery can I see a chiropractor?

Yes.  Depending on what type of back surgery and its exact location, there are treatment options available.

How old do you have to be to have chiropractic care?

Everyone has a spine; therefore, people of all ages can be adjusted.  

Do you accept Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, etc?

We are out of network with all insurance companies. However, we have plenty of patients with out of network chiropractic benefits. It is the responsibility of the policy holder to be aware of their own health plans benefits, however, we understand insurance can be quite confusing, therefore, we offer insurance verification as a courtesy to patients in need of chiropractic care and is reviewed at their appointment. Unlike most offices, we feel being properly informed of your anticipated out of pocket expense prior to treatment is a very important aspect of your health and healing, so all benefits are clearly explained to the patient.  Coverage depends on the particulars of your individual plan. We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare.

Is a good workout the same as getting adjusted?

No.  A workout is certainly recommended; however, spinal vertebrae and joints of the body must be specifically realigned by a licensed chiropractor.  A workout will not adjust your spine and joints. Once spinal correction is achieved, our goal is to ensure you can workout safely and we carefully assist you in the proper way to do it.

Is chiropractic care addictive?

Is brushing your teeth addictive? When an individual experiences the effects an adjustment has on the body, one realizes its potency and the significance it has toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Spinal hygiene is not addictive, it is essential to preventing premature spinal decay, strengthening your immune function and preserving a superior level of health.

Can I be adjusted if I’m pregnant?

Yes. Chiropractic adjustments are recommended during pregnancy to assist the females changing body. There are gentle techniques available in the chiropractic profession which allow a woman to be adjusted even though she is pregnant. Chiropractic care has even been known to help a woman become pregnant as nerve interference to the reproductive system can negatively affect conception.

What type of education do chiropractic doctors receive?

To become a chiropractor, one must complete 4 years of undergraduate college/university followed by 4 more years of chiropractic college/university.  Once completed, a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree is earned.

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