Danielle DiLorenzo PT, DPT

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Physical Therapist

Danielle DiLorenzo PT, DPT

Danielle DiLorenzo PT, DPT is a licensed physical therapist with her bachelor’s in science in Psychology and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Regarding her principles of practice, Dr. DiLorenzo relies on evidence-based medicine as well as the unique goals of each individual patient to create a customized and well-rounded treatment plan that best suits the need of the client.

In treating physical therapy patients, she draws upon research to incorporate scientifically validated methods into daily practice. Her ability to integrate research and innovation in her work is exuded in her everyday practice, as well as in previous work. For instance, Dr. DiLorenzo performed a systematic study (as well as a case study) on the Efficacy of Partial Body Weight Supported Treadmill Training, in Children with Cerebral Palsy. With this opportunity, she was able to create a walking program for children with Cerebral Palsy.

Compassion, patience, and empathy for her patients and students are traits that Dr. DiLorenzo takes pride in. While studying at Misericordia University, she worked with individuals at a pro bono clinic who were either under- or uninsured, which gave her the unique opportunity to connect with her clients and create treatment plans based on their individual situations. Her benevolence to others is also exuded in her work as a clinical instructor for physical therapy students, where she enjoys working with emerging therapists one on one to assist their personal and professional development in the field.

Priding herself on her diverse experiences, Dr. DiLorenzo has worked with a unique array of clientele including pediatrics, elite athletes, postpartum women, joint replacement clients, and many other injuries and surgical patients. For all of these patients, she feels it is her responsibility to help them not only feel better but for them to have a better understanding of fitness and injury prevention going forward. Exercise and manual therapy are the main focus of her sessions with her patients.

Outside of work Dr. DiLorenzo enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and her cat. In her free time, she is also a health coach and enjoys daily exercise.

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